I’m Mika.

And I’m here to help you write that thing.

Dissertation? Article? Proposal? Grant? Talk?
Whatever it is, I can help you make real progress toward your goals.
We all know writing is hard work. But all too often, academic departments seem to expect scholars to figure it out on their own, without any real support or guidance. That’s where I come in.
I know what it takes to make it through the gauntlet of academic publishing. My sliding-scale editorial services range from line-editing individual sentences to restructuring entire arguments.

As an accountability partner, I’ll keep you on track through the long, arduous, and often lonely process of translating your research onto the page. Whether you’re looking to publish your work in a prestigious journal or get it approved by your doctoral committee, I’m here to break down the challenge and help you tackle it, every stage along the way.

I may not be an expert in your field. But I am an expert at academic writing. More than just technical feedback, I offer the kind of comprehensive coaching that every early-career scholar needs, from professional strategizing to emotional support.

I know what it’s like to face the terror of the blank page — and I can see you through to the other side.

“Thanks Mika, this is really helpful, exactly what I was looking for.”


PhD Candidate

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