Dr. Ying Xiao

Dr. Ying Xiao is an Associate Professor of global Chinese studies and film and media studies at the University of Florida. Her teaching and research interests primarily concentrate on Chinese-language films (mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong), Chinese in Hollywood, Classical Hollywood cinema in the sound era, popular music, youth culture, sound studies, theories of globalization and transnationalism, Buddhism and film, and the discourse of gender and sexuality. She is the book author of China in the Mix: Cinema, Sound, and Popular Culture in the Age of Globalization (University Press of Mississippi, 2017) and has published many articles on neoliberalism and Chinese film industry, Chinese hip hop culture, Chinese rock ‘n’ roll film, and Chinese documentaries.

When I initially decided to hire an academic editor, I was looking to complete and publish my first book manuscript. Working with Mika proved extremely helpful. Mika is a very approachable and dependable editor and friend you can work with.

Specifically, I worked with Mika closely while I was trying to revise my PhD dissertation into a book for publication. I was quite lucky to be able to find Mika actually. Mika helped me tremendously and throughly in editing my monograph and making insightful suggestions in the process. She always reponded quickly and has a great understanding of academic life and the demands and needs of writing projects. I believe this is a great asset that distinguishes her from other copyeditors in the market as we know writing is not only the skill of translating your research onto the pages, but also requires putting your emotion, voice, and passion into the text in order to communicate to and engage a wider readership. My book was published in 2017 and I am positive Mika’s experience and aptitude would only grow and deepen in these years.

Hiring an academic editor should definitely be on your bucket list if you wish to improve your papers and manuscripts, and I would heartily recommend Mika for the job.

Thank you Mika for all your help and support.

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